US Camanachd has been created/sponsored by the Northern California Camanachd Club as way to provide a central source of information on Shinty for Americans interested in this Scottish sport and as a way to provide help to those starting clubs within the US. We suggest following the rules and guidelines set down by the Camanachd Association in Scotland and our goal is to foster interest in and the growth of Shinty within the United States.

Camanachd (also known as Shinty) has been played in the Highlands of Scotland for over 2000 years. It's a game of the stick and ball variety with ties to Irish Hurling, Ice Hockey, and Golf, and bearing some similarities to Field Hockey. This site provides some basic information on Shinty - its history, rules, and equipment, as well as information about starting your own Shinty Club and teaching/coaching Shinty in the US. Explore the site via the links at the left and/or contact US Camanachd directly (remove CLEEK for address to function), we'd love to hear from you!

Michael Bentley, US Camanachd