The following lists the active US Shinty Clubs and Organizations to the best of our knowledge:

    Current US Clubs:
  • Northern California Camanachd (San Francisco Bay Area - Northern California)
    Contact: email (remove CLEEK for address to function) - Elheran Francis/Michael Bentley
    Northern California Camanachd
    P.O. Box 1006
    Alameda CA 94501
    Northern California Camanachd is the first modern US-based Shinty organization and has grown steadily since its founding in 2001, though its roots go back several decades before that. In 2005 NCC sent a team to Scotland for the first US-Scotland international matches and returned for tournaments in 2006 and 2007. In 2008 they founded the first US Shinty league, and in 2009 NCC hosted Skye Camanachd for the first international matches played on US soil. The NCCC website provides information on the sport of shinty as well as the activities of the largest US Shinty club, including photos and a practice schedule. NCC also sponsors US Camanachd.

    NCC is currently working on plans for more events in Scotland as well as matches with other US clubs, as well as starting a First Shinty program for Bay Area youth, and continuing to try assist other US Shinty clubs to get off the ground.

  • Central California Camanachd Club (Merced, California)
    Contact: email - Steve Aitchison

    Central California Camanachd Club formed in 2011 by Steve Aitchison after he moved from Washington. He was able tor recruit enough folks to establish a strong club within the first year. CCCC has participated in the Pleasanton Games since 2011, as well as sponsoring shinty at the Modesto Scottish Games.

  • Willamette Shinty Club (Greater Portland area)
    Willamette Shinty Facebook group
    Contact: email - Timmer Shoop

    Willamette Shinty Club formed around a group of friends who were introduced to shinty by NCC’s Karl Davis in the 1990s. The club has participated in various events, and worked with Steve Aitchison and Washington Camanachd at the Portland area Highland Games. The club is still developing, please contact Timmer for further information.

    Dormant US Clubs:
  • Washington Camanachd (Western Washington)
    Contact: email (remove CLEEK for address to function) - Steve Aitchison

    The Washington Camanachd Club formed in the Spring of 2006, formalizing several previous informal attempts to bring shinty to the Pacific Northwest. With a heavy season of recruitment during 2006, the club now has regular practices in the Seattle area. With members stretching from Portland, OR to the Canadian border, practices are planned for Seattle and Bellingham, with other possible locations to be added. Check the club's schedule for more information.

  • North Carolina Shinty Association (NCSA) (North Carolina)
    Contact: email (remove CLEEK for address to function) - Timothy Rogers
    North Carolina Shinty Association
    457 Timber Meadow Lake Drive
    Fuquay Varina, NC 27526
    The North Carolina Shinty Association (NCSA) became the newest East Coast shinty group in the fall of 2010. The group mission is to work to expand knowledge and interest in the game of shinty into the rest of North Carolina. The NCSA has two teams currently playing in the league, the Fuquay Varina Tigers and the Erwin Wolves.

    Past US Clubs:
  • The Morro Bay Shinty Club (Central California Coast)
    Disbanded April 2007
    Formerly the San Luis Obispo Shinty Club (founded 2004), Morro Bay Shinty Club was created in 2006. The SLOSC was involved in the first two US-based Shinty Cup Matches (the Glenfarlcas Cup) playing against the NCCC in 2004 and 2005. Morro Bay Shinty was disbanded in April of 2007.

  • The Houston Camanachd Club (Houston, Texas)
    Warren Clifford was a member of the NCCC for several years before his career took him to the Houston area where he founded the HCC in 2005. The HCC meets regularly for skills practice and small matches, visit their website for details.